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2014-01-23 2011-11-09 2018-02-25 Physical Examination and Diagnosis of the Head and Neck - ROJoson - 14Oct3 1. Physical Examination and Diagnosis of the Head and Neck Learning Unit III Department of Surgery College of Medicine University of the Philippines Manila Reynaldo O. Joson, MD, MHA, MHPEd, MSc Surg Been conducting this 3-hour preceptorial session (2-5 pm) since 2006 October 3, 2014 – created this teaching-learning Neck lump examination - OSCE Guide (New Version) - YouTube. Neck lump examination - OSCE Guide (New Version) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping.

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Dentists and dental hygienists are effective clinicians in the examination of the oral cavity for mouth cancer. An oral and neck examination must be part of every dental examination. Neck pain, or cervicalgia, is a common problem; about two-thirds of persons in the US population have neck pain at some point in their lives. 1 The diagnosis of neck pain most often can be made with the history and physical examination. Neck pain is a common and costly problem in Western society.

History and physical examination can provide important clues in determining the etiology of symptoms.


Initial evaluation and examination of neck is very important in patient’s having head and neck cancer. Examination of regional lymph nodes is prognostically important and must be assessed for each patient and tumour. It helps in staging the disease and planning the appropriate management strategy.

European guidelines for quality assurance in cervical cancer

Neck examination

Head and Neck Exam POM –January 22, 2020 Charlie Goldberg, M.D. Measuring Neck Rotation with a Goniometer 1. Locate the very top of the head and the acromion process. 2. Position the center of your goniometer over the center of the head and the stationary arm over the acromion process. 3. Ask your client to try and keep their chest and shoulder still as they Introduction to the Head and Neck Exam: Note: the order in which this is performed may vary, but establishing a routine where all aspects of the exam are included is important to avoid excluding components of the exam.

Neck examination

Learn about Examination of the Spine  Metastatic Neck Disease: Palpation vs Ultrasound Examination · 1. Manfredi D, Jacobelli G: Neck dissection in the treatment of head and neck cancer: Results in   neck examination.
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Neck examination

The spine and paravertebral muscles are palpated for tenderness, and change in muscle tone.

Task: Determine this patients need for cervical spine immobolization, assessment and x-ray. Examine the patients upper limb.
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It is paramount that the dental clinician establish a repeatable, logical, sequentially organized, and systematic approach to screening the soft tissues of the head and neck region. Hall et al (2008) describe the test as ‘a simplified form of manual examination, in this test the cervical spine is fully flexed and rotated right and left – as movement at other cervical segments would be constrained by this end-range position – movement is isolated to the C1/2 segment.’ 1. Take a very good history 2. Do a very careful head and neck examination and Consult the otolaryngologist of a complete ENT examination 3.